For Companies

ReQT Consulting is your company’s trusted partner when it comes to finding the right employee resources and all the processes this involves. Over the years, we have built up extensive knowledge of multiple industries and sectors. That’s how we know what it takes to find the right people. We also know that it’s not just about professional skills but also about people skills.

As a partner, we are flexible in terms of delivery and processes. We believe that trust between ourselves and our customers, as well as strong relationship-building, are essential for a successful collaboration.

Below is a list of the industries we have worked with in our different business areas. We have a huge knowledge, a strong network and the necessary skills to deliver the right people. We also have partners outside of Denmark, so we can assist with foreign labour requirements across borders.

  • Oil & gas industry
  • Wind industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Data centre industry
  • Building & construction
  • Economic & administration


Profiles & Candidates

We work with many different types of specialist and administrative profiles. Our network is broad and our database contains many different types of candidate profiles. We can therefore provide a wide range of services for most areas in which your company are in need. We have extensive experience in recruiting personnel at various levels and with a greater or lesser degree of specialisation.

We strive to clarify the required professional skills quickly and accurately, followed by a thorough focus for uncovering personal skills. We pay close attention to matching the client’s corporate culture with the right personalities. We know this leads to greater job satisfaction and therefore higher productivity and better quality.


Sourcing foreign specialists:

Our consultants have been working with cross-border sourcing and recruiting of EU specialists and skilled employees since 2013. Over the years, we have established a strong network of partners outside of Denmark. These partners ensure candidates are screened for the right skills, qualifications, etc. These procedures ensure that candidates match the overall framework and professional skills. This means we can competently assist your company with foreign labour across borders.

With ReQT as your partner, your company is guaranteed excellent knowledge and understanding of technical profiles and industries.