Skilled employees, managers and specialists are in demand

A successful recruitment process is about finding the right people with the right culture and personal skills. The candidates must also be specialists in their field and have the right skills in terms of professionalism and experience.

Employees with the right skills can be crucial to the success of your business because it’s their efforts that make a project succeed, a new product see the light of day, or a big order comes through. Yet there is a shortage of skilled workers and specialists in many professions today.

This means that many recruitment tasks have become more like “headhunting processes”, where we make direct contact with the candidates in the form of written or direct telephone enquiries. We use a two-sided approach and talk to candidates about what your company and the job can offer. Meanwhile, our main task is to find that special talent and ensure that your company gets the best in the field and with the right personal skills. If you need to search for the right skills abroad, we have experience of this too. For many companies, foreign employees are an everyday part of their culture.

The background to a recruitment assignment is often that the company has tried to advertise, but has only received a small handful of applicants, and perhaps only few of which matches the profile. Indeed, there is a shortage of skilled workers and specialists, and in certain sectors and job categories, candidates may have many jobs to choose from. As your recruitment partner, we therefore play an important role in retaining the interest of the best candidates throughout the recruitment process. We stay up to date and are aware if they might be tempted to accept any other opportunities – or if there’s a risk that your “dream candidate” might be enticed back by their existing employer just as the employment contract with your company is about to be signed – or has already been signed..

As your recruitment partner, we’ll always be on the lookout for the right people, managers and specialists for your business – and we’ll make sure your business is at the front when we have a specialist in sight who is ready for a change.

Our vision is to bring your company in front for skilled and competent employees.

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Hans Hermann
Partner & Senior Consultant
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