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Skilled employees, managers and specialists are in demand

Employees with the right skills can be crucial to the success of your business. It is their efforts that can make the difference. Unfortunately, many professions are currently suffering from a shortage of skilled workers and specialists.

Shortages of skilled labour are often seen when companies are looking for new employees. Many are surprised by how few applicants there are for their advertised positions and, in all too many cases, there are no applicants with the right skills. In these cases, it is crucial to turn to the “passive” job market. That is, candidates who for various reasons want a change, but who haven’t started their search or are just building up the courage to do so.

Let ReQT become part of the process and, through active searching and by activating passive job seekers, we can ensure a wider candidate field for your recruitment process.

We ensure:

  • Communication about job postings, including any proposed changes
  • Assessment of the search strategy
  • On behalf of your company, ReQT will source candidates for the process
  • We actively contact relevant candidates via LinkedIn and other CV banks
  • Candidates are motivated for the job and the company
  • Candidates are encouraged to apply for the job

We remain in close contact with you throughout the entire process. Our role is to be your active partner, and in our experience, an active effort always leads to greater success.

Our vision is to bring your company to the front for skilled and competent employees.

Contact us on tel. +45 2618 4844

Hans Hermann
Partner & Senior Consultant
T: +45 2618 4844