Interim & project recruitment
of managerial, technical or administrative profiles

Do you need qualified employees who can solve time-limited tasks? Is your company in a transitional phase? Perhaps you are going through a “recruitment stop” or have multiple projects underway that require additional resources and skills? Then hiring temporary staff could be the solution.

At ReQT, we specialises in matching jobs with candidates who have the right technical background. We work in a targeted and focused way to deliver the right personal and professional skills. Our consultants are dedicated and work efficiently and purposefully to find the most suitable candidate for your project or temporary assignment. We offer competent and self-motivated candidates who can step in at short notice. Whether you need:

  • Employees for project recruitment
  • Interim recruitment for a longer period
We select the best-qualified candidates for the job. We provide you with a thorough introduction to the presented candidates to give you a good insight into their professional and personal skills.

The majority of our candidates are employed by us during the interim/project period. This allows us to have a closer collaboration between the candidates and our team, while also allowing the candidate to focus 100% on the client and the assignment. We take care of all the practicalities, such as:

  • Compliance with all formalities and legal requirements
  • Safety certificates, certificate renewals and training
  • Contracts, including renewals/extensions in plenty of time before they expire
  • Insurance and taxes
  • Travel expenses, subsistence allowance, time sheets and other administration
  • Pay during sickness and maternity leave

In short, we offer our employees a secure base and relieve our customers of administrative hassle. This means the customer gets value for money.

Our candidates appreciate ReQT’s culture of mutual respect and trust in each other. This helps create a good working relationship, and the better the working relationship we have with our candidates, the longer they stay with us. Furthermore, this provides all parties in the trio with several benefits such as continuity, extensive experience, profitability and a stable workforce provided by committed and efficient candidates. We value transparency and a close relationship with both candidates and clients when it comes to contract terms, rates, and rate structure. This ensures continued credibility and focus on each task.

Most of our candidates are Danish, but we also work with candidates from other European countries.

Facts about candidates and their qualifications:

  • Engineering/Design (mechanical, electrical, process, piping/structure)
  • Building & Construction (management, control, calculation and design)/li>
  • Project management and planning
  • Technical assistance and supervision
  • QA/QC inspection
  • HSE supervision and assistance
  • Contract compliance and document management
  • General management
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Economic and administration

Contact us on tel. +45 2618 4844

Hans Hermann
Partner & Senior Consultant
T: +45 2618 4844