At ReQT, we want to be a trusted partner for our clients and candidates.

ReQT Consulting A/S has more than 40 years of experience in finding the right employee resources for our clients and has found a wide range of candidates for technical industries and sectors. We are well-grounded technically and have a broad understanding and experience of e.g., the oil & gas industry, wind industry, pharmaceutical industry, building & construction industry and, more recently, the data centre industry.

We are driven by the collaboration and relationships that we establish between our clients, candidates and our team. We believe that efficiency, agility and flexibility in each process are essential for success. Please feel free to contact ReQT for a no-obligation chat about your job search, or if you have any questions about processes, etc. during your recruitment/hiring process.

Our focus is to maintain a successful trinity between Consultant – Candidate – Clients.

Please contact us to discuss this further:

Hans Hermann
Partner & Senior Consultant
+45 2618 4844